De Smit Food International Co., Ltd.

De Smit Food International Co., Ltd.



De Smit Food International, “Taste and Quality” always comes first, we have striven to achieve a dynamic organization to become both global exporter and world-class manufacturer in the Bulk Chili paste and seasoning sauce industry for over 20 years.

Since 2001 , De Smit Food Internationals quality is guaranteed by international standards for food and safety regulations, we obtained quality products, world recognized standards and quality management systems; HALAL ,GMP, HACCP, BRC, FSSC 22000, BSCI, Thailand Trust Mark award, Thai Select award and Rain forest Alliance Certified.

For over two decades we have been promoting contract farming systems, provide knowledge and create jobs by buying pesticide free chilies, supporting farmers to use organic fertilizer and export over 20 million kg of Chili Paste yearly. Over 5,000 acres of chili farms and 20,000 farmers are maintained through contracts farming and quality control with agricultural technology accredited from the Netherlands.

There is a huge demand for HALAL products in South East Asia, the Middle East but of course also in the rest of the World and De Smit food has more than 15 years’ experience exporting high quality HALAL products Worldwide.

In 2020 De Smit food International developed a new strategy to focus on HALAL and Organic Farms in the Southern Border Provinces of Thailand which has the great opportunities of organizing this by their unique soil conditions and huge demand for HALAL products nearby as in Malaysia and Indonesia.

With the support of the NTCC , Dutch Embassy and the SBPAC, De Smit food will boost the local economy in Songkhla ,Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat. By setting up a new production plant in Songkhla and support local farmers to grow fresh chilies 10,000 of new jobs will be created for our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in the Southern Border provinces and fellow investors will follow our strategy in our created HALAL HUB of Thailand.

Our chili farms implementing rainforest system and we proud to present that we are the only certified company for Rainforest Alliance in Thailand ; guaranteeing that we will grow chili without damaging the environment, chemical-free, and non-destructive to the health of agriculture and sustainable farming.

Our products Chili Paste, Sambal Oelek, Garlic Paste are essential raw materials that are used for distributing food worldwide and we are proud supplying our customers products from the Land of Smiles and hope to bring more smiles in the Southern Border Provinces of Thailand very soon.

De Smit Food International Co., Ltd.
9 Moo 5 Khao Thong, Phayuha Kiri, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand 60130

Tel: +66 2292 1058-9

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