ANGEL bike co., ltd.

ANGEL bike co., ltd.



ANGL bike has been estrablished in 2012. In 2010, We looked into the future and saw that Bangkok city need solution for personal transportation. We can’t live in the city that have cars 3 times more that street that we have. City bike seem to be a good example from big city around the world that it works. But Bangkok is more dangerous, we need better city bike than all available in market to ride safe and fun in Bangkok street. From now we strarted developed the best city bike for Bangkok and it take us 3 years for getting the final solution.

As urban bikes, to create a great product and brand, we started from understanding the ultimate need of consumers and develop the great product by design which is able to meet the requirement more than any other products in the market. And by using the highest quality of parts making our bike the best city bike in the world.

ANGL bike is designed to be agile yet stable, with small turning radius, easy acceleration, and high speed capability. Prototype tests by city commuters have shown it can reach 40 km/h while retaining stability and comfort.

The compact rear triangle geometry help ANGL bicycles accelerate quickly and transfer power from the pedal to the rear wheel as efficiently as possible, a key requirement for bicycles intended for use in the urban environment. The wheels size is 26-inch, allowing for wide selection of tires. Current models are equipped with 26″x1.5″ tires, capable of overcoming most road obstacles in the city — most notoriously drain covers and potholes. Disk brakes help ensure effective stopping power is available when needed.

ANGL bike is universal design bicycle, we create new idea that one bike has as many set up as you want, single speed, fixed gear, hub gear, or 9-10 speed gear and cover wide range of user’s height. not only functions, but ANGL bike is also able to set up in many styles, from classic to modern, or racing style. By this idea, we can reduce stock and user can buy one bike and use among family or friends, man and woman by adjusting only seat post and stem.

ANGEL bike co., ltd.
21/89 Floor2, RCA. Block D, Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9 Rd., Bangkapi, Houykwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand.

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