Narasamut Co., Ltd.

Narasamut Co., Ltd.



About Project

Befish is originally from Narathiwat, the homeland of love, where
people enjoy their happiness, peace, warmth and the beauty of the
city. It’s truly a charming place that represents a slow living. The city of
Narathiwat is fully surrounded by natural resources, where people have
their unique food and peaceful coexistence under multi-cultural and
multi-religious environments.
Fish crackers, locally known as Keropok, are a favourite snack
consumed within the Malay Peninsula. However, Narathiwat Keropok is
freshly fried fish crackers that have a unique recipe that makes the texture
crispy and different from other crackers in other regions. Keropok is also
a local food, so visitors buy it as a food gift of Narathiwat town. Because
of that, we are pleased to deliver this delicious snack right to your hands.
We joined the OTOP project in 2006. With further development
of Narathiwat Keropok under our brand (Befish), we first designed our
packaging that looked modern, beautiful and could keep our product
fresh for longer and easy to carry. Later, we have developed further by
adding sauce to coat the surface of Keropok which has answered urban
people in the digital age. Our brand has grown dramatically. We now
have 5 flavours – original, seaweed, spicy Tomyum and Chinese hotpot.
In 2017, we registered our company under the name of
Narasamut Co., Ltd. We continuously develop, paying attention to every
step of production until passing the GMP codex and HACCP certification
from the Department of Fisheries. We intend to inherit the taste from
the origin of Malaya and further develop our products by selecting raw
materials from quality natural raw materials. We value with various herbs
so we are able to mediate the happiness of all related people with this
organization of happiness, we aim to upgrade our community products
to international standards to deliver this product of happiness in every
touch that can be tasted. BEFISH BE HAPPY.

Narasamut Co., Ltd.

147/13 Moo 7 Khok Khian, Mueang Narathiwat, Narathiwat 96000 Thailand
Tel: +66 73 530 815, +66 89293 5646
Line ID: befsh1
line@: @befshnara
Facebook: befshnara


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