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Recipes handed down are perfected through generations of loving, caring hands. The history of Suree Interfoods began in this way. Mrs. Suree Wattanaporn prepared savory shrimp crackers to sell in her own store but felt that they could be improved with a little something extra. She created a dipping sauce for the crackers, and honed her recipe to perfection. Mr. Sonchai Wattanaporn, founder of Suree Interfoods Co., Ltd., watched his mother create her sauce with dedication and love, and over time, he realized that the world would be a better place if more people could experience her sauce. With his vision to market his mother’s sauce, he founded Suree Interfoods Co., Ltd., named in honor of his mother, Suree.

Established in 1995, Suree Interfoods Co., Ltd. has produced the original family recipe of Thai sweet chilli sauce which is our specialty. The acceptance and success of the sauce opened doors for us to create many other variety of dipping sauces such as Sriracha chilli sauce, spring

roll sauce, sweet and sour sauce, sukiyaki sauce and many others. We also dipped into producing seasoning sauces such as oyster sauce, soya sauce, and Thai curry paste. We also began producing canned coconut milk. Besides using a family recipe grounded in Thai ancestry, we further ensure an authentic Thai taste by using raw materials from the heart of Thailand. With success in Thailand, we ventured into international market and secured a wide distribution in different countries.

Our expansion of product lines moved us to build a UHT coconut milk factory for our PraoHom brand to distribute locally and to send the best taste of Thailand into the world through global distribution.

To comply with International food safety standards, our factory obtained GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, IFS-UHT Plant and BRC certificates from SGS Thailand. Our customers receive the safest, highest quality products to use confidently and with a peace of mind to create their own generational recipes.

Suree Interfoods Co., Ltd.
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