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TPN FlexPak Co., Ltd. manufactures flexible plastic packaging that  cares for the world’s environment. We are continuously developing and innovating plastic packaging that can be able to conserve and protect the environment such as packaging that can decompose naturally or 100% recyclable in recycling facilities. Our research team also develops the mixing of recycled plastic pellets into our production formulas which will help reduce the use of world’s virgin  resources. Further reducing of the use of new resources shows our utmost social responsibility to our environment which definitely plays an important role in solving global warming issues we are currently facing day to day. As a flexible plastic packaging manufacturer, TPN FlexPak Co., Ltd. is dedicated in applying ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) platform. The driving force of our network is to lead the business on the basis of production that help protects the environment, be a constant socially responsible and as an organization that maintains good governance in business operations to maintain and achieve our goal as a trusted sustainable packaging manufacturer.

Both our supp lier and customers are joining together in moving towards SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) by always working on sustainable raw materials solutions in developing and innovating a more Sustainable Flexible Packaging of the future

TPN FlexPak Co., Ltd. integrated the BCG concept into the organization on each process of our operations both MAN, MACHINE, METHOD and MATERIAL as a reliable packaging for all types of export products which act like a sales representative of Thailand brands selling products that takes into account of sustainability for the world and create acceptance of Thailand products with Low Carbon Concept in the eyes of exporters.

TPN FlexPak Co., Ltd. is always committed to being a role model for Thailand industrial factories by further stepping into the Net Zero organization with a goal of being completed in 2065 and become an organization that does not release greenhouse gases into the environment which can save this world for greater mankind and create a reputation for Thailand.

TPN FlexPak Company Limited
124 Moo 9, Wellgrow Industrial Estate, Bangna-Trad Road, Km. 36,  Bangwua, Bangpakong, Chachoengsao 24130, Thailand

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